My Driving Lesson’s are priced at £32.00 per hour


Just pay on the day.

I believe my prices are realistic. If something is to cheap then what’s the catch???

As a independent Driving Instructor, it is my name am using so I care about you. Word of mouth from past pupils is how I get most of work.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Motorway Lesson's

Motorway Lesson’s are priced slightly higher @ £30.00 for a one hour lesson or two hour’s for £55.00.

Price is higher because extra miles will be covered also it is more risk because the speeds we will be reaching.

Pass Plus

Pass plus is at least six hours Driving with a Instructor after you have passed your test. We will be able to go on Motorways you may even be able to get a discount on your insurance. For the six hours it will cost £250.00 You don’t have to do the six hour’s in a row, but better if you can .

Before Booking Lesson's

Before booking any Driving Lesson’s. Please ask yourself is the offer as good as it sounds???

  • Some Driving Schools charge a low amount for your first Block of  Lesson’s, but make you save some for the week of your test. So if your not happy your stuck.
  • We all think of a Driving Lesson being 1hr, but some do 50minutes .
  • It really is not possible to Guarantee a Pass, but it really sound good on adverts. Do you pay over the odd’s for Guaranteed Pass Course’s??? If you booking your own Theory Test it will £25.00. Driving Test £62.00 for week day Test’s.

Notice to cancel a Driving Lesson

All driving Instructors require a time to cancel some are 24hrs some are 48hrs.

I need 24hrs notice to cancel. Although nobody likes this charge if you think about it, it’s only fair.