Before Booking Lesson's

Before booking any Driving Lesson’s. Please ask yourself is the offer as good as it sounds???

  • Some Driving Schools charge a low amount for your first Block of  Lesson’s, but make you save some for the week of your test. So if your not happy your stuck.
  • We all think of a Driving Lesson being 1hr, but some do 50minutes .
  • It really is not possible to Guarantee a Pass, but it really sound good on adverts. Do you pay over the odd’s for Guaranteed Pass Course’s??? If you booking your own Theory Test it will £25.00. Driving Test £62.00 for week day Test’s.

Notice to cancel a Driving Lesson

All driving Instructors require a time to cancel some are 24hrs some are 48hrs.

I need 24hrs notice to cancel. Although nobody likes this charge if you think about it, it’s only fair.